This tool was created by Jeremy Zimmerman (aka "StopSpazzing" & "Corrosion X"), a fellow ant hobbyist. The purpose is to help people find ant nuptial flights at no charge and with as much accuracy as possible. This tool will always be free of charge, without ads, and made with "Ant Love".

Consider the current version of data, "base" data, just to get things going with a proper direction and with semi-accurate results. The base data used is from and months of recorded flights for any species is pulled from Drew's compiled queen flight times. Currently, the base information needs a cleanup and missing lots of flights; I am aware of this and will be working on it soon.

Here is a list of features which will be implemented:

  • Cleanup database entries
  • Complete website redesign - A fullscreen map with controls
  • Increase website speed by moving backend from PHP to Python with async
  • Change recorded numbers into a rating
  • Add weather forecast for area
  • Add search ability to find when a specific species if flying in your area
  • Merge duplicates

Extras which may be added:

  • Use a combination of weather and records to give best days of flights
  • Add species recorded flights months to species wiki page.
  • Add ability to create users so people get credit and possibly ranked from submitting flight records (could even be used for raffles, prizes, etc)
  • Move to Bootstrap v4
  • Migrate code to a very custom wiki page or dedicated website
  • Move backend code into a framework for easier code management and future proofing
  • Link species to wiki pages
  • Ability to submit a flight records. (approval may be required, may be based on crowd-sourced approval rating + admin/mod approval)

If you have any questions, suggestions, or problems, please feel free to use the contact page to get in touch with me. I am also on most forums and in the Ant Keeping Discord.

This tool was made with Find this tool helpful? Buy me a coffee! ...Or if you are in the Southern California area, I accept all types of anting related donations, including extra queens and equipment you may have; contact me if this is an option for you.